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March 1, 2019

Roads vs Magic

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Original Twitter thread May 20, 2018

I saw roadkill in the parking lot of a Starbucks this morning and my first thought was “Man, it’s a good thing magic isn’t real.”

You ever think about the fact that we criss·crossed the world with a network of ley lines made of black earth connecting to every important location? We ground up the earth, marinated it in its black blood, tore down the trees and the mountains and spewed it back down in lines?

And we kill million upon millions of animals all over these lines in ways nature never envisioned, grinding them into our wheels which we then run over every inch of it, seasoning this blasphemy with their blood?

And we kill THOUSANDS of our own people there, and we know it, and we accept it. Sure, we say we don’t like that and we do work to reduce the number of deaths … but at the end of the day we accept that we care for their lives less than the benefits of this network.

And what do we even DO with this network? What is that great benefit? We built machines with a heart of fire that spew black smoke. We power them with the remains of long-dead screaming war lizards.

We slam these unnatural devices into cats, dogs, birds, and when the bigger animals like deer try to stop us by ramming into the side of them, we consider it a nuisance, like we’re not the ones who tore down a swath of trees in their forests and filled it with death.

And we built so many of these machines that their breath is now starting to kill the earth itself. We’re killing the very planet we live on because of this. We created decades of war to get their power sources. We spilled the blood of humans to get the blood of long dead monsters to make our fire-beasts go fast over our network of destroyed nature.

All in all, I’m just saying it’s a good thing magic isn’t real.

At the very least, you’d think we’d avoid building these networks into the shapes of ancient symbols of luck, in a mockery of nature’s magical power.



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