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October 11, 2009

Major Stryker Archive Format

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Simple record format:

Name Length
Filename 12 bytes
Offset 32bit little endian unsigned int (4 bytes)
Length 32bit little endian unsigned int (4 bytes)

The filename is padded with NULs (ASCII 0). The last record is a offset-0,length-0 file named “.”, which is the sentinel for the list.
The files seem to start at offset 4000, which’d mean that there’s a maximum of 200 files per archive.

Inside the files, you’ve got plenty of extensions:
(Some have variations, like .DR1/.DR2/.DR3 for each episode, represented as .DR?)

Extension Description
.MS? Text files
.IMF Sequenced music files
.SND/.VOC Sound files
.DR? Graphics/sprites/level files

Some of the 32,000 byte .DR? files are big pictures (credits, background image, etc) but they’re encoded very oddly, some kind of 4-part interlacing.


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