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September 20, 2009

The different kinds of Science

Filed under: Thoughts — foone @ 6:50 pm

So I was out walking while trying to organize my thoughts on how to address gender equality in the face of the assertion that differences in Sex versus differences in Gender are unknowable, I had to come up with a way to best explain the differences in the three types of Science: science, Science, and SCIENCE!. I realized that it all comes down to the security guards!

science: You have no dedicated security guard, as no one but an over-ambitious professor is going to swipe your notes on how Hawking radiation affects black hole lifespans, and the campus police can handle them.
Science: You have a single security guard, because every couple of months some meth addict tries to swipe your beakers.
SCIENCE!: Your security guards brandish atomic blasters as they ride cloned velociraptors around the laser-fenced perimeter of your moon base.


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