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August 29, 2010

August Game: Space Resistance

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Space ships and resistor color codes
I made an edutainment game for resistor color codes. For each level, you have an enemy ship firing at you (the speed of the torpedo increases as the levels go on), and you have to match the color code to the number. If you pick the wrong number, there’s a delay before you can fire again. Pick the right number, and you get some points and warp off to fight another enemy. (I’m taking an electronics class and I need to learn this, so this will hopefully help me drill color codes)

I also worked on an RPG, and by “worked” I mean I did some sprite edits and made a basic level editor.


August 15, 2010

August game – planning

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I’ve not started on my game yet, I’ve a bunch of ideas and haven’t picked one yet.

  1. I created a bunch of particle textures in the GIMP using this tutorial, so I might make a particle system in OpenGL and a space combat game to use it with.
  2. I want to make a trading game. Different locations sell and buy different goods at different prices, so you travel between them trading. I might do this as an IRC game if I can figure out how to make time work. (Annoyingly, this won’t work with my current IRC Game framework)
  3. I’ve still got my half-finished Drakon code, which’d be nice to finish.
  4. And I’ve got the Gem Miner roguelike code and map renderer.
  5. The third Reddit Game Jam is ongoing, but I’m skipping this one as the theme is laaame.
  6. I might make an RPG with these graphics. I bugged a friend to draw me one more tile, so I’ll be doing that either this month or next.
  7. I ordered a coin-acceptor off ebay, so I might make a coin-op game. Almost certainly a shmup.

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