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November 29, 2009

October Game: Gameplay video

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I had to do weird things with the emulator to capture this video.

October game: wait which month is it again?

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A shiny pause screen and boss health display
Yeah I’m still working on this, apparently. No actual November game in sight. Kinda a bit low on days left in the month.

I started out refactoring the whole cheats system so that it’s a lot less hardcoded int arrays and a lot more object oriented and enumerable at runtime.
And then I added the stuff you can see in the screenshot:

1. A health display for bosses (Well, boss, there’s only one boss fight so far).
This was pretty easy to hack in, but I ended up refactoring the health-display so it was a bit less hacky. The hardest part is the scaling, since the one boss I’ve implemented has
too much health to fit on screen. At least I figured out a shiny way to autoscale and I don’t have to manually hardcode scaling for various boss healths.

2. A pixely font and border for the in-game text (pause, you win, you lose bits).

And now I have to go find an older version to screenshot to show how it changed, since I now see that didn’t post a pic of it (probably because it was so ugly). It took forever too, since I didn’t really understand how Android does its magical border-images. I’m still not happy with it, but unless I write my own font engine I think I’m stuck with anti-aliased fonts. WHY DO YOU HATE MY PIXELS, GOOGS?


October 31, 2009

October Game: Declaring victory

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So since I think I’m going to keep working on this and jam it up on the market, I realized I can’t do that and use this as my October Game. So version 2.0 will be released on the market, October Game is 1.0.

And 1.0 is done! OCTOBER: GOOD.

I added a “you win” screen, a cheat code to upgrade your main gun (powerups later), backgrounds (four different backgrounds used across 11 levels), and extended credits which properly attribute the backgrounds (NASA) and the other art (Danc/Lost Garden from “Hard Vacuum”).

October 27, 2009

October Game: Misc work

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A bunch of bullets!

A bunch of various minor changes this time, like a neat new animation when you win (complete with trail of fire self-plagiarized from R.E.A.W.).
I’ve also improved the level selector with confirmation (when resetting the levels-beaten counter) and cheat codes! (well, cheat code)

There are finally more levels. I’m up to 10 so far, with some nice lead up before the boss instead of 3 levels going tutorial/regular level/OH GOD END BOSS EVERYONE IS DEAD.

Update: And now I see that the cheats don’t work and can’t be made to work on a real device that lacks a hardware keyboard. Drat.
Double Update: And now it works!

October 24, 2009

October Game: Minor fixes

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No pictures. I fixed some bugs with losing and the game failing to take you back to the level list. I also made the game autopause if you lock the phone while playing.

October 23, 2009

October Game: Not much to look at

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A menu of level names

Not a lot to look at this time. I finally got the whole XML system working, so bullets, enemies, firing patterns, and levels are all loaded from XML files. This makes the built in stuff easy to handle, and the possibility of loading custom(user!) levels off the internets.

Now that levels actually exist, there’s an interface to them as you can see above. It shows you the levels you’ve unlocked, and you can click to play one. Beating the latest level unlocks the next, and this is persisted across launches. (This took awhile, as I had to split the program into two Activities, and I hadn’t learned how to do that at the time)

And writing this made me realize there was a bug: It incremented the level-unlock count even when you were replaying an old level. So playing Levels 1, 1, 3 was possible from a fresh save.

October 22, 2009

October Game Update: NOT MUCH

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Wave shots

I finally got around to extending the enemy-shot system so that it was more than a boolean for “seeking”. Now there’s an ENUM! (which’ll go away once the next thing is finished)
You can see this in practice above, as some of the enemies are shooting the semi-new Wave shots. Less damage than a missile, more damage than a plain shot, doesn’t seek but is rather fast, and wide enough to be kinda annoying to dodge.

And I started setting up a template system for different bullet types and different enemy types. At the moment I have enemy-type config files (XML! HURRAY FOR JAVA) being parsed, but that useful information is not put to any use. Eventually you’ll have bullet config files which define shot types which are used by enemy config files which are used by stage configuration files.

October 20, 2009


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several missiles aiming the wrong way
A silly bug where I swapped a > for a < in the missile aiming function (which still needs work, it looks good when it’s near the player, but crap far away or behind them)

several missiles aiming the wrong way
Health bar! It’s shiny, but it needs to either fade away after no changes (a la GoldenEye), or be part of a full status bar (could be a place to stick powerups and a score)

Other than that, uh…. I’ve been working on this for about four hours and I can’t remember what I’ve been doing besides those two things. (Oh yeah, I did add bordering for the player movement, so you can’t hide half-off the screen)

October 18, 2009

October Game: YOU CAN LOSE!

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Enemies shooting at the player

Enemies can now shoot back at you, which they do semi-randomly. Enough hits, and you splode.

I had some fun bugs implementing this, like first implementing enemy bullets but forgetting to not check them against enemies for collision. So enemies would fire, and promptly damage themselves with their own bullets.
Then I forgot to swap the directional, so the enemies started firing away from the player. Not very useful.

I still need to add multiple shot types (which depends on enemies being of actually different types, instead of just different sprites), so some enemies can fire shots which are faster or higher damage.

AND FINALLY, I added a way to schedule multiple explosions, so the player can have a nifty five-stage explosion, so it’s weightier than an enemy ship going down.

October Game: SPLOSIONS!

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I now have collision detection and nice little explosions as you shoot up enemies. The enemy ships then die after a few hits. It’s nice.

The enemies still don’t shoot back, so you can’t lose. And there’s no levels, just randomly generated enemy selections.
Next time I’m going to implement some differences between the ships, like health/fire rate/speed.
Then, stages: On Stage 1 you get some easy enemies, Stage 2 has some easy mixed with a few harder, then Stage 3 is more harder than easy.

Still need backgrounds.

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