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July 31, 2009


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My match3 game is done. I had to do a complete rewrite of how the map worked, but it was relatively straightforward to do animation after that.

And as this was my July Game, I naturally finished it on July 31st, 11:47 PM. 13 minutes to spare? not even exciting.

And here’s a big GIF screencast of the final game. It’s not as laggy as this GIF looks, that’s just byzanz having trouble with me watching some youtube video while recording.


July 25, 2009

Match3: Hour three

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I worked on gravity, but it’s still half-done. It turns out that falling in new blocks is easy, but moving existing blocks is a pain. Maybe I can fix it tomorrow.

July 23, 2009

Match3: Hour two

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Nothing that can be easily screenshotted in this hour, but I’ve finally got animations. Well, some animations. There’s a swapping animation, but no poof-away-goes-the-match animation or new falling blocks animation.

Still, the framework for animations is good, so that shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

I also did some work on objectifying the map interface, it’s now a shiny Map object instead of a bunch of interrelated functions.

There’s also some scaling functionality, since playing a 256×256 game on a 3840×1200 desktop was getting old.

EDIT: Here’s a badly dithered animation of the swapping

July 22, 2009

Match3: Hour one

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After one hour, I’ve got a working game but it’s still really ugly. There’s no scoring or any clear END condition, just you get to a point where no more moves are possible. It also doesn’t tally scores yet.

It’s mainly ugly because of the lack of any animation. That’s next.

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