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August 31, 2009

August game is go

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It may be less than two hours before the end of the month, but I finished my August game.

This started out as an input system test, which worked but could use some polishing. I really need to refactor the object system there’s a bunch of isinstance calls that don’t really make sense. I also lazed off on putting a score into the level, and just jammed it into the titlebar, again.

It doesn’t have joystick/gamepad support, which is lame because keyboards suck for 2-user-play.
(Actually with minor changes it could be more players, just change the static player additions and bind some keys!)


August 7, 2009

Testing mobileblogging

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Psoting from a googleyphon!


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I think there may be some combined cat photographer/beater living in my apartment building.

See, I drive home from work, and there’s a cute little cat sitting on the concrete outside my door. It looks up at me and ignores me when I walk by with my satchel.

I go inside, then walk out past it with some garbage bags. It looks up, but that’s the extent of its caring. Then I walk back past with some mail, and get nothing again.

I drop off the mail, turn around and pull out my new googleyphone complete with camera, and the cat goes “OH CRAP GOTTA BE SOMEWHERE, BYE!” and darts off at high speed. Thus, no catpics for my catsite.

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