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July 26, 2016

MURIDOS devlog 1: Resources

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So, extraction should be done. I’ve got all the original art (objects and backgrounds), levels, sounds, and code extracted out of the MURI Game Maker file. This should have been a simple task, but Game Maker 7 is a mess.

There’s a “save all source” option, but it gives you the source of all user-defined functions and nothing else. There’s also plenty of source associated with event handlers, which have to be manually extracted. I said “screw it” to the manual process and wrote a script to extract them by automating opening all the various windows and clicking on all the buttons.

As for images, backgrounds were simple as there’s only a few and they can be done manually. Object images was much harder, and required automation again to extract them.

For extracting level data I went the opposite route and modified the source, so that when it loaded a new level it also created a pair of text files listing where all the tiles were and their properties, as well as the objects loaded into the level.

Sounds were done manually, although they’re temporary. MURI uses WAV soundfiles for the effects, done in a style to emulate the PC speaker. Well, I’m making a DOS port. I happen to have a PC speaker! So I’ll need to reverse engineer how they work, and encode that into an equivalent series of instructions for the PC speaker. Time to break out the (virtual) oscilloscope!

There was also a lot of cleanup to make later steps simpler. Unifying all the files into 256-color images with the same palette (the raw images are true color, even if they only ever use ~20 colors). I created a very simple image format called DUM to easily encode the images, as no existing image formats really fit my needs. It’s basically just a header and gzipped pixels, no palette or other metadata.

(Most of this was done nearly a year ago. I’m just now getting back to this project)

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