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March 31, 2011

March Game: Pipecraft

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Pipe Mania?
For my March game I made a sort of Pipe Mania inspired game, using CraftyJS, a very neat library I sorely underutilized in this game. It uses a component-based design which I had some problems with early on, so I basically just wrote around it (because I was low on time) rather than figuring out how I should really use it. I’m hoping to correct that for my next CraftyJS game. I also made use of CoffeeScript, which is an excellent language that’s really just a sanity wrapper on JS. It fixes some JS misfeatures and changes the syntax to something that’s more like Python/Ruby. It compiles JS pretty directly, though for-loops end up looking pretty weird.

I also used some of my Tasari sprites, which is a series of unfinished RTS games I worked on from around 1998-2002. (These sprites are so old they were originally drawn for a Visual Basic 5 game!). Tasari 1 was a VB RTS, Tasari 2 lasted about 20 minutes and was a C++ translation of Tasari 1, and Tasari 3 was a fully 3D mess that got nowhere because I didn’t understand model formats, so I just hardcoded all the models into the source. It was deeply ugly.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s pretty simple Pipe Mania with some tweaks in strange directions: You place randomly selected straight/90-degree turn/crossover pieces, and if you replace an existing piece there is a time penalty. You have a time limit, and one of the ways I tweaked it was adding a “sink” tile. Instead of having to create a series of pipes that will survive for Xty seconds/Xty tiles, you have to connect from start to finish within the time limit + travel time of the water/electricity/flooz. It also has levels (A whole 3 of them, including a tutorial level!) instead of just being a blank grid with increasingly difficult time limits.

I’m not sure if it’s the different library, the fact I know JS better now, the lack of multiplayer, or the calming influence of CoffeeScript, but unlike my last JS game I don’t feel like pulling my hair out. (My last JS game was last March, which shows you how much I hated it: It took me a whole year to get back into JS)

PS: I called it “Pipecraft” because I’d developed it in my CraftyJS demo folder, which I’d just named “craft”. Since I’ve played too much Minecraft and based it on Pipe Mania, Pipecraft it is.


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