Art is Art and Water is Water

December 24, 2010

December Game: Dec3

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I got a very late start on this one because I was planning to do the reddit games jam, then I had a bunch of homework to finish. Then I was going to do Ludum Dare, and I wasn’t feeling well. So I built a simple prototype-ish version of Klotski. I’m thinking of making one for Android when I have more time, so this was a nice prototype to flesh out some of the algorithms in Python before I have to deal with the TERROR of Java games dev.

And hurray! This means I’ve done a full year of monthly games with no failures (although technically that was true last month too): All of 2010!
My new goal is going to be to make AND RELEASE a game each month. (Either the new game or one of the backlog)

Here’s to 2011 being an awesome year of gamemaking!


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