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July 31, 2010

July Game: Oshi

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A board of pieces

For my July game, I made a version of the board game Oshi. It’s a simple, chess-like game, with very simple rules:

Pieces marked N can move up to N spaces, can push up to N pieces while moving, and are worth N points (when pushed off the board)

You start with the above set of pieces, take turns moving, and the only other rule is that you can’t move a piece back to where it was at the end of the last turn. Simple, but the pushing turned out to be tricky when implemented, especially because I have pre-move hints about what you can do and I forgot the middle rule when first implementing the game. I implemented it as hot-seat multiplayer and instantaneous movement, but with a little more time it wouldn’t be too hard to add networked play and smooth tile sliding.

This was an annoying month, for the opposite of the usual reason: I had too many game ideas. This was actually the third game I started working on, and made two attempts at it.
I first worked on a roguelike clone of the Android game Gem Miner, then dropped that for a version of the board game Drakon, then started Oshi as an IRC game before restarting it as the PyGame game I finally finished. (At 5pm on the last day of the month, natch)

I took the time to save off my first cleanup of my template code, so hopefully that’ll slightly help in future months. My code was really old and messy (globals!), so this might help a little for next time.


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