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October 22, 2009

October Game Update: NOT MUCH

Filed under: Dark Stars, Month Games — foone @ 8:56 pm

Wave shots

I finally got around to extending the enemy-shot system so that it was more than a boolean for “seeking”. Now there’s an ENUM! (which’ll go away once the next thing is finished)
You can see this in practice above, as some of the enemies are shooting the semi-new Wave shots. Less damage than a missile, more damage than a plain shot, doesn’t seek but is rather fast, and wide enough to be kinda annoying to dodge.

And I started setting up a template system for different bullet types and different enemy types. At the moment I have enemy-type config files (XML! HURRAY FOR JAVA) being parsed, but that useful information is not put to any use. Eventually you’ll have bullet config files which define shot types which are used by enemy config files which are used by stage configuration files.

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