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October 18, 2009

October Game: YOU CAN LOSE!

Filed under: Dark Stars, Month Games — foone @ 9:18 pm

Enemies shooting at the player

Enemies can now shoot back at you, which they do semi-randomly. Enough hits, and you splode.

I had some fun bugs implementing this, like first implementing enemy bullets but forgetting to not check them against enemies for collision. So enemies would fire, and promptly damage themselves with their own bullets.
Then I forgot to swap the directional, so the enemies started firing away from the player. Not very useful.

I still need to add multiple shot types (which depends on enemies being of actually different types, instead of just different sprites), so some enemies can fire shots which are faster or higher damage.

AND FINALLY, I added a way to schedule multiple explosions, so the player can have a nifty five-stage explosion, so it’s weightier than an enemy ship going down.

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